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New Innovations

Through the generosity of some of our friends and colleagues in the Virtual Assistance industry, we are pleased to be able to make you aware of the following literary resources that may help you with your business endeavors.

New Innovations

  • Heather Jacobsen, owner of Valley VA, and author of "101 Marketing Tips".
  • Heather says, "Do you have BIG marketing ideas but a small marketing budget? Are you jaded with the thoughts that all marketing is expensive?" 

    Find out how Heather says, "You can soon be on your way to a successful Virtual Assistant business", in her book, located here....

  • In partnership with Ms. Becki Noles and Mr. Dales Noles, at Virtual Accuracy, Ms. Jacobsen has also co-authored "25 Ways to Revolutionize Your Business"
  • 25 Ways To Revolutionize Your Virtual Assistant Business

    "This e-book", as stated in its "Introduction", "is the culmination of years of knowledge from three very gifted leaders in the Virtual Assistant (VA) Industry. In a collaborative effort to advance the VA Industry Dale, Becki and Heather spent countless hours delving into several topics of import to make this e-book an invaluable tool of the trade. The advice given is based on their collective experiences and know-how."

    New Innovations

  • Laurie Dart is owner of Work Wisely, LLC, and author of "Everyday Guide to Writing Wisely"
  • Laurie says, "Anyone can write. Let's just get that out in the open. I'm serious – anyone can write. But not everyone can write wisely. If no one is reading what you are writing, you might as well be standing on a street corner talking to yourself."

    New Innovations

  • Diana Ennen, owner of Virtual Word Publishing and author of "Virtual Assistant the Series: Become A Highly Successful Sought After VA".
  • There is also a "Workbook" that, according to Diana, "accompanies the book Virtual Assistant the Series; it takes you step by step through the book and haves you set up your business along the way. It's perfect for not only those starting their virtual assistant businesses, but also those seasoned VAs who want to take their business to the next level."

    New Innovations

  • Pam Sargent, owner of Delaney Imaging, presents a: "Mother's Survival Kit".

    Pam says, "This book is not only a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of the parent shown in cartoons, but also includes some ways to help occupy your child’s attention."

  • "Make That Two Bon Bons, Please"

    by Karen McGreevey .... Copyright (c) 2006

    “One for my baby, and one more for”….

    As Solopreneurs, or Independent Contractors if you will, our job is to provide some element of support (depending upon our expertise) to our clients.

    When we are somewhat lethargic or otherwise disengaged from our health and well-being, our thought processes and productivity are more apt to provide less than stellar guidance and service.

    You can have your bonbon and eat it, too!

    Find out how in this article located by clicking here... Articles

    Creating a Viral Message Through Your Newsletter or Ezine

    By: Rebecca Jaspin-Noles

    Anyone can create a newsletter or ezine, but is the content actually read and utilized by your target market?

    The rest of the article is here .

    We did it! Put Your Old On Hold" is done!

    VA Training - the premier coaching and training company for Virtual Assistants
    July 2006

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