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Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend; some are fun, some are dear to us.

International Virtual Assistance Organization
An International Trade Association for Virtual Assistants Worldwide

Virtual Accuracy
Virtual assistance and training.

Web Designs by Shoi at eMasters
There are many talented web designers and Shoi-Yean, my ezine designer extraordinaire, holds a place at the top of my list. She has a unique ability to take an idea, or a scribble or two, and craft it into exactly what was wandering around in my "design-challenged" brain. It was thrilling to see what she would create.

The National Inclusion Project
"Inclusion...the right thing to do! Giving people their rightful opportunity to participate. The Project works every day to make full inclusion a reality!"

"Sometimes the world needs a voice...Let it be yours."

New Coach Connection
"Connecting to create an independent community for professional coaches and virtual assistants"

The Time Now
Internet access to "Time, Weather, Travel, Science"

AllWebCo Templates
Professional designs, complete websites.

Get instant dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia access.

Excel formulas
A Microsoft page with assistance on the most commonly used Excel formulas.

Let the games begin! You might want to check out the "Scrabble" section at this website.

Hot Sheet
Just a great web directory.










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