If you wonder

Key Components

  • I WONDER…My business is in Minnesota; I see you are located in Iowa. I WONDER...How can you possibly make this work?
  • Answer: The wonders of 21st Century technology make it quite easy to initiate contact and continue to be in touch with clients. The common forms of electronic communication are: the telephone, the internet, email, fax, instant messenger (several are: Yahoo, MSN Messenger), and Skype; paper contact, frequently referred to as “hard copy”, most often is compiled using word processing and the computer, then transported utilizing the United States Post Office—regular mail--United Parcel Services, or Federal Express. From time to time, we may meet with clients via an on-line conference room. Software is also available to connect us with a client’s computer; this is commonly done to manage the client’s appointments.

  • I WONDER...How do you differ from other Virtual Assistants?
  • Answer: As experienced, efficient and reliable business owners, we can relate to the value of superior customer service, responsiveness, and turn-around time. We consult with you regularly to help you decide upon the best of our options that will benefit the writing and administrative support needs of your organization. We make it a point to respond to your telephone and email needs in a timely manner; in addition, we arrange to confer with you by telephone on a weekly basis.

    Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

  • I WONDER...What services do you provide?
  • Answer: We offer a stellar array of outstanding editorial and writing services (proofreading, copyediting, article writing), including other general editing services designed so our Clients will significantly achieve a sense of relief from demands of their day-to-day work-related responsibilities.

    We write grants, newsletters, business proposals, and supplement general correspondence composition. We maintain general administrative support that can include answering the telephone and setting appointments.

  • I WONDER...I’m not convinced…how can you help me?
  • Answer: Consumers choose to use Konceptuality because they've found we’re the best; they’ve assessed their work-related challenges and the expected deadlines. They’ve decided they must have relief from the pressures and stresses sometimes associated with writing and composing, from reviewing and editing their business proposals or newsletters; perhaps their administrative tasks have become overwhelming. They come to us because we have a stellar reputation for meeting our clients’ editorial, writing, and administrative support needs in a timely, efficient, cost-effective manner.

    Cost Comparisons

  • I WONDER...Why would I use a Virtual Assistant?
  • Answer: Virtual Assistants are used for a variety of reasons, often because the Virtual Assistant is less expensive than the capital outlay for an in-house, hourly wage worker; you don’t pay insurance and taxes for the onsite person, nor do you have the expense for additional equipment and office space.

    For your review, we have included a detailed "Cost Comparison". We hope you take a few minutes to examine this information then contact us to see just how we can make a difference to your business.

    Credibility Counts

  • I WONDER...How do I know you will be able to help me?
  • Answer: Actually, you don’t! We have a proven record of administrative accomplishments that includes creative writing and editing projects, and general office support relief to small and mid-sized business owners around the country. In addition, as business owners, ourselves, it's imperative that we make a concerted effort to maintain honesty and integrity in our business endeavors.

  • I WONDER...Who can tell me more about you and the caliber of work you create?
  • Answer: We have provided writing, editorial and proofreading services to numerous small businesses and organizations throughout the United States. Their contact information and testimonials are located here at our website under our “They Said--WHAT?!" section—we include a link to their websites-- or you may contact them directly via their websites using the URLs we’ve provided.

    Take a look at our Testimonials; if you’re not partnering with us, you'll see what you’re missing!


    So let us “kick away” your cares and woes when you think of writing and editing at short deadlines and project turn-around time.

    Call us today at 866-248-7481 or email us at info@konceptuality.com to reserve a place for us in your future.


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    Be relieved!
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    Did You Know...

    Konceptuality is a match for you

  • if the thought of writing and editing one more press release or white paper causes you to sweat profusely; or
  • if you have hit “writer’s block”, or
  • if you could use a “third and fourth eye” to review, mark-up and redo your correspondence, business proposals, and newsletters so you can calmly focus on your marketing and other business needs.
  • We have superior proficiency in general administrative office support responsibilities; including outstanding, in-depth editorial and proof-reading experience; we compose and type correspondence, write articles, newsletters, and grants.

    Now's your chance to be able to "take the scenic route". Find out how to bypass the stress when you contract with Konceptuality!

    So what are you waiting for? Click here for details.

    Keeping in touch...

    We're electronic...we travel through cyberspace with:

  • Telephone, Voice Mail
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Fax machine
  • Access to Teleconferencing
  • Remote Computer Hook-up
  • Log Me-in and GoToMyPc
  • For your "viewing pleasure" and to add spice to our completed projects, we enhance their visibility with a:

  • Deskjet Color Printer

  • Do I have to hire you?

    The short answer is “no”.

    In fact, you really don’t "hire" us at all--we are business owners ourselves.

  • Clients who “partner with us” acquire the benefit of our expertise, and profit from the editorial and administrative support services we perform from a location offsite from theirs.
  • Clients do enter into a Contract of Participation that sets-forth the terms of our business arrangement. If either of us becomes dissatisfied with the agreement neither party is obligated to continue.
  • Termination of the Contract for any reason is accomplished by written notice from either party.

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