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Kreative Konsults

Now that you’ve got killer brochures, incredible flyers and your "newsy" newsletters, let us show you how to use these new materials to put these promotional affirmations to work for you. You'll be able to attract and encourage new customers to take advantage of your services.

  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Get others to sit up and take notice of a particular special news story about your business by producing a press release. We'll write your announcements and distribute them for you.

  • Brochures Design
  • Brochures are great tools to lure new customers or to advertise your products or services. Whatever you offer, it’s essential to have a brochure that's easy to read and understand. We’ll consult with you to put together an imaginative brochure that introduces your company to your viewer, catches the eye, is well-written, and boosts your marketability.

  • Flyer Design

    Because we know the impact that well-designed visual aids can have on your customers and on your business ventures, we look forward to helping you create, promote and market your flyers.

  • Newsletter Writing and Design

    Using the newsletters we've created, you'll be able to devote your time to locating new customers and staying in the fore-front with your current clients.

  • Internet Research Assistance
  • If you discover that you want information on a specific topic in order to finish a business proposal but you can't seem to find the time, or your patience has sunk really low, let us intercede.

    Using our familiarity and skill with surfing the Internet, we can quickly locate lots of useful information. We’ll give it to you in an easy to understand layout.

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    March 2006

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    April 2006

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